The Dog Report: Sleepy Sadie

When I started using Facebook a few years ago, I would periodically upload pictures of my dogs. My wife and I really get a kick out of the silly things our dogs do and I figured my Facebook friends would as well. Little did I know that the pictures were indeed quite popular. More times than I can count when I would run into a Facebook friend in person they would invariably comment on how they enjoyed our dog pictures. Therefore, without further adieu I present “The Dog Report,” a weekly picture of one (or all) of my silly dogs!

Sleepy Sadie

Sadie is our Cat-Dog. She sleeps 18 hours a day, walks along the back of the couch, she can’t really bark, she does not like getting dirty and does not really like other dogs. She basically just puts up with Miley because she’s so darn likeable.


About Jason Borregard

I am a real estate associate broker and have been in the real estate business since 1998. I am currently the Sales Manager for Clients First, Realtors in Canton, Michigan. I am married to Amanda, have a young son, Ronnie, and three dogs.
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