Guest Post: Getting Your House on the Market without the Stress or Expense

Getting ready to put your house on the market is an experience of mixed emotions. Excitement of new possibilities and a fresh start someplace else is often tempered by stress and frustration involved in getting everything in order. No doubt questions are running through your mind as you try to figure out the best way to get your home on the market. Should I really spend that much money on repairs? Do I need to repaint or put in new carpeting? In a buyer’s market, you need to find the right balance of improvement while still being frugal enough to make it all worthwhile.
Tidy Up!
It may seem obvious, however many homeowners tend to neglect cleanliness when selling their home. Any realtor will tell you that first impressions are the most important. Lack of cleanliness can turn off a potential buyer in seconds. Thankfully this is easily addressed in most cases. Simple cleaning such as washing windows, removing clutter, vacuuming pet hair, and shampooing carpets can vastly improve the appeal of your home.
Curb Appeal
Another simple fix to help improve the appeal of your home is basic lawn-care. Keep your grass trimmed neatly, prune overgrown shrubberies, and remove any unsightly weeds from gardens or pavement. This can often be done in a day and kept up with minimal effort. Just like tidying up, first impressions on the outside matter too.
Leaky Faucets and Chipped Paint
Repairs are perhaps your biggest expense when preparing a house for the market. While you may want to take a hammer or wrench to everything in sight, consult with your realtor beforehand. He or she can save you a lot of money by advising on what should and shouldn’t be fixed. Basics such as chipped paint and leaky faucets are always a good idea to fix. Items such as plumbing and electrical wiring should be addressed on a case by case basis. Often these repairs can be put off and negotiated with potential buyers.
With your repairs complete, lawn trimmed, and your interior sparkling clean, the final task is to stage your house for showings. Your house should look lived in, but still clean and presentable. Remove any overly personal items such as family photos. This often helps people view the house as their potential home rather than someone else’s. You may want to remove any older furniture or worn furniture as well.
Putting a house on the market isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Keep it simple with basic upkeep and cleanliness, consult with your realtor on repairs to avoid spending more than you need to, and don’t neglect staging your home to make it inviting and appealing.

Paul Benjamin is a District Manager at EZ Storage. He’s known as the type of manager that walks softly but carries a big stick.


About Jason Borregard

I am a real estate associate broker and have been in the real estate business since 1998. I am currently the Sales Manager for Clients First, Realtors in Canton, Michigan. I am married to Amanda, have a young son, Ronnie, and three dogs.
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